The Burn Corps

from tragedy... hope!
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Our Vision

We live in a world where it takes just ONE Moment to change everything we know.

To meet this constant challenge, we must establish an integrated system that serves those in desperate need... 

Our Mission

To create hope where tragedy stands...

Our Method

To build a cohesive and efficient support system for burn-injured patients and their families...
To build a global network of personnel and resources which can be called upon and mobilized...

To create an overall management approach that helps integrate various public and private entities into a model that adapts to the needs of a person, a child, an adult, a couple, a family, or a social group, in the immediate setting of chaos, confusion, injury, and death...

Our System Design

  • The Burn Corps Foundation (a non-profit organization)
  • Burn Corps Personnel
    • "Strike Teams": Trauma, Burn, Crush Injury, Pediatrics, & Psychosocial-Support
    • "Burn Response": a broader view of the world and our call to serve

        Our goal is to help support:

           ADULT & PEDIATRIC INJURY from around the globe: corner-to-corner


Join our Team ... come and help us change the world - one patient at a time!
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