The Burn Corps

from tragedy... hope!
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Pediatric Burn Alliance

Mission Statement

as a global community,
our multidisciplinary team 
will address
the devastating consequences of pediatric burn injury

Leadership Panel

1. Evidenced-based Care
2. Education & Training
3. Research Projects
4. Nursing & Wound Care
5. Nutrition & Metabolics
6. PT/OT/Rehabilitation
7. Psychosocial Care
8. Plastics-Reconstruction
9. EMS & Firefighters
10. Development

the world is becoming a small place...

we must engage
each other's
ideas and opinions,
lessons and experience,
if we are to change a child's future. 

We are actively recruting Committee Chairs, Study Group Leaders, and interested Members... please contact one of our Founding Members to find out more information:

Bradley J. Phillips, MD

                                      "one child burned, is one child too many"
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