The Burn Corps

from tragedy... hope!
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Textbook: Pediatric Burns
The Burn Corps is helping to support and sponsor an academic textbook focused solely on Pediatric Burn Injury.

Dr. Bradley J. Phillips is the Editor-in-Chief of the project and many authors from around the country and world are contributing chapters.

Many surgeons, physicians, nurses, therapists, and others from around the world are directly involved with the textbook... mostly on their own time: nights, weekends, etc.

Surgeons & Directors from Shriners Hospital for Children are also intimately involved with the textbook and are helping ensure that the material is up-to-date and truly benefical to all providers around the globe.

It is with this sense of dedication that the BURN CORPS will succeed...  but it takes your help & support!

The textbook is being published by Cambria Press & is expected to be released in 2011.

one child burned, is one child too many!

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